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Every year, 170 talented teenagers from all corners of the country join forces to achieve something extraordinary. They reawaken classical music, reinvigorating great repertoire with fresh energy and resonance.

They generate tremendous team spirit and remind us all of the exhilarating rewards that come from hard work, dedication and following their dreams. Everyone who sees them in action agrees the NYO presents a luminous portrait of the youth of today.

The orchestra meets for residential courses each year. Every day of each course is another extraordinary occasion, fusing intensive instrumental rehearsals with workshops addressing all aspects of musicality including voice, movement, composing and improvisation. It’s an opportunity to learn from inspiring professionals and make sensational music with wonderful international artists who works with the orchestra every year. A range of distinctive projects also enables our young musicians to be the drivers of the creative process, exploring new approaches, relationship and settings.

In the words of the members themselves: ‘It’s not just an incredible orchestral experience, it’s an incredible learning experience too. What you learn is matchless: not just how to be a better musician but how to be a better team player, how to be more confident and take risks and achieve things you never thought possible.’ Sam Moffitt, trumpet

‘The NYO has changed my life more than I ever thought it could. I used to be reserved and pretty shy but NYO has helped to develop my social skills to a huge extent. It’s helped me to become much more focused – I can now concentrate for really long periods of time, even when I’m in a bad mood or not had much sleep!’ Emily Mowbray, violin

‘NYO has just made my life wonderful. I am so much more confident – even my schoolfriends don’t understand how I could have changed so much!’ Becky Whiteman, cello

Wherever we go, the NYO is keen to meet other young people, giving many their first ever experience of seeing an orchestra live, and providing others with an exciting chance to come and play alongside our members and learn from our experts in activities that will give them a renewed and uplifting sense of what they can accomplish themselves.

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The National Youth Orchestra is a registered charity no 290598 and a company registered in England no 1858278. VAT reg no 218 6738 40.

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